Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Attract more visitors through search engines

What is SEO?

Online findability through search engines like Google is often the difference between traffic on your website or not. The ranking that a search engine assigns to your website is crucial. The algorithms of these search engines are constantly changing and therefore it is important to keep optimizing your website. The SEO-experts of ROOSH Online know the ins and outs of search engines, this in combination with your market knowledge results in a perfect combination.

The advantages of high Google rankings

  • A long-term increased volume of visitors
  • Improves your website trustworthiness
  • More website visitors with free clicks
  • The effect is durable and long-lasting

The power of an optimized SEO strategy

Google is one of the biggest worldwide sources for information. Being visible within that important channel can help you reach your audience. 90% of people that use search engines only look at the results on the first page that only contains 10 results.
The effort in improving your organic rankings goes both ways. Good findability leads to more traffic, more authority and in the end more conversions. These ingredients are at the same time the reason you get higher positions in search results.


The basis of a well-ranking website is the technology behind it. ROOSH Online can take a look at your website and map out all technical SEO improvements. Our experts can directly discuss with your web developer to implement all technical points of improvement. We have the right professional tools – such as Ahrefs and Screaming Frog- in order to create the best web analytics.

Keyword analysis and content

The goal is to be found on relevant search queries of your audience. ROOSH Online executes extensive keyword research and analysis. We pay attention to search volumes, search intent, competition level and the value of advertising. Based on this research we advise on website structure and with creating the best and relevant content for your website. With optimized SEO content, search engines see in no time how relevant these pages are to your target audience.

How we work

The road to high organic positions

We always start with a full website audit that includes, but does not limit to the technical aspects of your website, URL-structure, content, title’s and descriptions and your internal linking structure. This will form the basis of a good content plan later on.

During a meeting, we will present the results of the website audit. Together with you, we decide the goals for your website and on which major improvements we are going to focus.

After the meeting, we immediately start with in-depth market research of your audience, competition and keyword analysis. Based on this analysis we prepare a detailed report including a plan of approach. We will present it to you including planning. After approval, we will continue with the next step.

In the execution phase, we start creating SEO optimized content for your website including titles, descriptions and internal linking structure in order to improve the ranking of the chosen keywords.

SEO is not a one-time process. Both search engines and competitors do not stand still so it demands continuous optimization of your website content. Due to the fact that the performance of a website is perfectly trackable, we are able to effectively improve its performance.

“Websites promote your business 24/7,

no employee can do that!”


Why choose ROOSH Online


  • 7 years experience in online marketing
  • International team native in 6 languages
  • Proven online strategy in a highly a competitive market
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Experience in exporting online concepts

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