Cross-border Strategy

Expand internationally with your online business

International expansion with your online business

When you are running a successful online business or webshop in your home country, your concept is verified. You offer additional value with your product or service and therefore customers find your online business. Growing within your current market is limited and depending on your ambition the online environment does not have borders. We love that ambition, so if you want to grow cross-border, ROOSH Online is the right partner for this process. We have successfully expanded our business within 3 different continents with an international native team of experts.

Why online export with ROOSH ONLINE?

  • Extensive market research
  • Professional translations
  • Website optimization for search engines
  • Localisation with locals
  • Get the right look and feel of that market

Don’t make the same mistakes

This is our main message to you if you have the ambition to grow your online business without borders. ROOSH Online has learned a lot about entering international markets with an online concept. Use our experience to do everything right the first time and prevent yourself from miss-investments or high legal risks.

Localisation starts with locals

The best way to get your online strategy adjusted on the local market is to get in touch with locals. This in combination with online marketing experts, divides ROOSH Online from any translation- or marketing agency. Our team exists of people that were born and raised in the markets we have expanded to. Localizing your online concept is not about translating, but about the way of thinking, cultural traits and the norms and values that can’t be just translated.

Do you want to expand to the UK? talk with Matthew, maybe Australia? get in touch with Alice or even the United States, Taylor knows the ins- and outs of her country. That is what we mean with a native team of English speaking people.


How we work

The road to international expansion

During a meeting, we want to get to know your business, products/services and USP’s. Than we will discuss your ambition to grow internationally.

The first step is to execute extensive market research in order to adapt your online business to that market. Is this market as interesting as you might think, we want to validate it with data, not on gut feeling.

Based on the research we prepare a detailed report including a plan of approach. We will present it to you including planning. After approval, we will continue with the next step.

In the execution phase, we start with adjusting your website to the market standards. Professional translations, the right payment methods and trust marks. We immediately take SEO practices into account in order to enter the market effectively.

Once the website was implemented, we track the performance and keep optimizing based on analytical results.

“Websites promote your business 24/7,

no employee can do that!”


Why choose ROOSH Online


  • 7 years experience in online marketing
  • International team native in 6 languages
  • Proven online strategy in a highly a competitive market
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Experience in exporting online concepts

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