Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Get more return on your visitors

From Visitor to Conversion

With your online business, getting traffic is probably not your only goal. You want to convince them into either purchase something from your webshop or get in touch with you for the service you provide. This goal we are talking about is called a conversion. There are two different online marketing specialities, first is attracting website visitors (SEO) the next one is to make them convert (CRO).
Conversion rate is basically the percentage of people that visit your website and on the bottom line result in an action. Suppose you have 1.000 website visitors per month and 10 of those visitors request a quote. Then we are talking about a conversion ratio of 1%. With conversion optimization we want to increase this percentage.

Why invest in Conversion Optimization?

  • Make your website more efficient
  • Improves your Return on Investment
  • Generate more leads and/or sales
  • It is based on concrete user data

How does it work?

It is a profession on itself. Trying to maximize the number of conversions through your website. It has everything to do with the user experience and appearance of the website. How is your website performing at the moment? how do visitors or potential clients navigate through your website? How is your website structured, can they easily find what they are looking for? Do they easily manage to make a purchase or do they get ‘lost’ halfway? These are questions that can be solved when look at your own website through the eyes of your customers.

There are various methods like test-users, interviews or click- and heatmaps. When taking a close look at the behaviour of your website visitors and suggest improvements on a very targeted manner.

How we work

The road to achieve your online goals

We always start with a full website audit in order to get the customer journey and the points of improvement visible.

During a meeting, we will present the results of the website audit. Together with you, we decide the goals for your website and on which major improvements we are going to focus.

After the meeting, we immediately start with several tests to determine how we can achieve the goals we have set together.

In the execution phase, we carry through several improvements. With as result a user-friendly with increased conversion rate and higher profitability.

Due to the fact that the performance of a website is perfectly trackable, we are able to effectively keep improving its performance.

“Websites promote your business 24/7,

no employee can do that!”


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